Two Ways to Build Up Your Portfolio Without Feeling Exploited

As I discussed in a previous post to find work as a freelancer you need to have a portfolio. To have a portfolio you need to work. Kind of a problem. I gave several suggestions for building up your portfolio without having to work for internet companies that pay poorly and probably won’t contribute much useful material to your portfolio anyway. Here are two more:
Go to a site where you can download freeware or shareware (there are lots of them) and find a program that looks interesting. Check to see if they have any documentation. It is usually very weak or non-existent. Contact the developers and volunteer to document the product. I doubt if they will say no. You will then have a complete manual (or helpfile) for your portfolio. Believe me no one interviewing you for a job will ask you if you were paid to write the manual, and it doesn’t really matter.
The second option is site called Here you can help your fellowman by documenting a repair procedure and posting it. See the site for details.