Is This You? – People Who Work From Home Are Targets for Favors –

I recently came across this article:
People Who Work From Home Are Targets for Favors –

Is this you?
Do you sometimes feel that people think that because you are at home that means that you aren’t working and are available for their missions?
How do I get around this problem? First of all I have no problem saying “no” if it really doesn’t fit into my plans. After all would I call somebody up at their place of work and ask them to run out and do me a favor? On the other hand I think that it is important to exploit the advantages of working from home and setting your own hours. One of these advantages is that you can help out friends family and community.
Second, if people ask me about my work I explain to them that my work involves a certain amount of traveling, so I’m not always at home and therefore not always available for missions.