How Many of Your Clients Have You Actually Met?

How many of your clients have you met? I got to thinking of this question because I recently made an unexpected trip outside of Israel for two weeks. I took my laptop with me and left my cellphone on, and I can honestly tell you that except for clients who I told that I wasn’t in the country, no one would have known. For technical writing there is usually a real need to meet the client. For documenting hardware this is a must and for software it is generally helpfully to get a face to face explanation. In the medical writing world, however I have not actually met many of my clients. It is usually sufficient that they send me material and we speak on the phone. I spoke to a colleague of mine in the States in the medical regulatory field and she said that she estimates that she has actually met only about 5% of her clients. In Israel, probably because the country is so small and about half of it is sparsely populated desert it is expected that you should have at least one face to face with the client.
To tell you the truth I prefer it this way. If I don’t get out of my home office at least a couple times a week I go stir crazy and it is also interesting to visit new companies and meet new people. I also think that projects generally go smoother and you are more likely to get additional projects if the client has a face to attach to your e-mail address and phone number.


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