Pillows And Computer Equipment

A few years ago I bought a very expensive pillow. When I told my wife how much it cost she questioned the wisdom (to put it mildly) of my spending that amount of money on a pillow. I explained to her that I spend about a third of my life with my head resting on that pillow so it is important for me to find the optimum pillow and damn the price (within reason).
Why am I telling you this story? Because the same holds true for your computer equipment. If you work as a freelance writer you are spending about a third of your life using your computer. Why torture yourself by bending over a 14″ laptop screen all day? Treat yourself to a 22″ screen and a computer that you don’t waste half your day trying to get working right. I use my laptop hooked up to a 22″ screen and my productivity is definitely higher using two screens. So treat yourself to some decent equipment and remember that it’s a business expense.