How Long Is Your Commute?

This article caught my eye:

Extreme Commuting

More workers are willing to travel three hours a day. But what is the long-term cost?

For the last leg of their five- and sometimes six-hour, door-to-door commutes, the working moms who call themselves the “Bus Buddies” of the Adirondack Trailways’ Red Line run usually talk about one thing: How can I get off this thing? How to end the exhausting odyssey from New York state towns such as New Paltz and Woodstock, waking up at 5, 4, and even 3 a.m. to board a smelly long-hauler to Manhattan, where the salaries are 70% more? On the trip home, the Bus Buddies bring out their neck rolls to avoid “commuter nod” and use their pashminas as blankets, brainstorming exit strategies over the dueling aromas of Chinese food and Kentucky Fried Chicken. When a Bus Buddy does manage to leave behind her seat — such as Jennifer Pickurel, who traded in a big finance job for one at the local Chamber of Commerce — the Bus Buddies erupt into applause. “We’re jealous,” says Terry Rust, a broadcast TV business manager who lives in New Paltz. “But we cheer them on and say: ‘Yeah, you made it. You’re off the bus.”‘

via Extreme Commuting.

One of the big advantages of working from home is the absence of a commute. If your commute is 30 minutes each direction that means you spend approximately 20 hours per month commuting or 240 hours per year. In other words every year your commute is the equivalent of driving night and day for 10 days.

Here in Israel, a small country approximately half sparsely-populated desert, a commute of an hour is considered a long commute. This morning I timed my commute from my house to my little office in the yard–30 seconds.
So how long is your commute?


One thought on “How Long Is Your Commute?

  1. My commute (also in Israel) is usually 1.5hrs each way. Except for the one day a week I also work from my home office when it’s a shorter walk than yours šŸ™‚

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