Things Looking Up For Tech Writers According To US Dept Of Labor

I recently came across this article summarizing the latest US Department of Labor report about technical writing. I know that these aren’t statistics for Israel but good times for tech writing in the USA usually means good times for the rest of the world also.

Employment Opportunities to 2010

According to the handbook, the employment opportunities for writers and editors are expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations until 2010.

Positions in newspapers, periodicals, and book publishers are expected to increase as demand grows for their publications, especially those that see the web as an alternative publishing channel. The sleuth of web publications is likely to increase the demand for writers and editors, with most companies now developing newsletters and content-driven websites.

Demand for Technical Writers, especially those with expertise in areas such as economics, biotechnology and medicine, is expected to increase due to the continuing expansion into these areas.

Investments into IT, electronics, and biotechnology should result in a greater need for people to write user guides, instruction manuals, and training courses.

Finally, those with Internet and web-facing experience are likely to find more employment opportunities. Roles for skilled writers will include positions as Editors, Writers, Content Managers, Courseware Developers, Instruction Designers, and Information Architects.

via Career Outlook for Technical Writers and Editors through 2010 | Careers in Technical Writing.

If you’d like to see the original it’s at:


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