Poorly Designed Product=Difficult to Document Product

Some assignments are very difficult. I am confronted with a complicated GUI or device and have a really hard time explaining to the user how to operate it. I meet with the client again to get additional information and explanations but in the end I’m not happy with the result and the client usually isn’t either. I used to always blame myself for not knowing how to do my job properly, but lately I’ve realized it’s not me it’s the device.

I have written hundreds of manuals and don’t take on projects that I can’t grasp from a technical point of view. So we can assume that I am a competent technical writer This may sound kind of conceited, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have trouble writing user documentation for a product it is because it is poorly designed.

In copywritng this can also be a problem. Clients may be unsure about  why a customer should buy their product and not the competition’s. If they can’t provide a clear answer you might end up with something like this:


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