Is Freelance Technical Writing A Low Stress Job?

According to Money Magazine Technical Writing is one of the least stressful jobs, coming in at #5:

5. Technical Writer

Best Jobs rank: 28

% who say their job is low stress: 56.4%

The proliferation of technical products in all parts of our lives, from iPods and HDTVs to medical devices and high-tech manufacturing equipment, means there is huge demand for those who can translate tech talk into understandable language. Though tech writers have deadline pressures, they can work fairly independently, have flexible hours and can often work from home.

via Least stressful jobs – Technical Writer (5) – Money Magazine.

Personally I think it depends on the situation, but in general I think working freelance is less stressful than working as a salaried worker in an office.

If you are a freelancer working from home you don’t have to suffer the daily commute, you don’t have a boss riding you, you can set your own hours and you have no office politics. On the other hand you don’t have the security of knowing for sure where your next paycheck will be coming from.

What do you think?


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