Do We Need to Hire a Salaried Technical Writer or Should We Go With a Freelancer?

You are a high-tech/Bio-tech company and your first product is nearing release.  The product requires documentation and you ask your self what are our options? Before deciding you should consider these factors:

  • The amount of anticipated work— Do you think that you have enough work to keep a full-time writer busy? Will this be the first in a long string of products. Generally companies in the software field release more products than those in the hardware field.
  • The complexity of the material—Is the material so complex that it may be less expensive to hire a salaried writer even though you may not be able to keep him busy all the time so that all the time he spent learning the material won’t go down the tubes?
  • Budget–Hiring a salaried worker means paying them for at least a year. Do you have the budget for this?

The following table presents the options open to you:



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